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On-Chain Insights: Sudoswap Lockdrop, LOOKS token, Smart Money stablecoin holdings and more

Key Insights From Today’s On-Chain Behavior

  • Investors continue to deposit their XMON tokens in the Sudoswap Lockdrop in exchange for SUDO
  • Smart Money has increased their holding for ETH, USDT and BUSD
  • Pransky has withdrawn his tokens from the LOOKS staking pool and has sent them to the Uniswap WETH-LOOKS liquidity pool
  • Smart Money % of holdings in stables is currently floating around 26%

On-Chain Movements

Sudoswap Lockdrop

  • $1.5m of inflows into SudoSwap: SUDO LockDrop in the last 24 hours.
  • As an indication of their intent to participate in sudoAMM governance, $XMON holders are able to lock their tokens for a period of 1 month (reduced from 3 months) measured from the deployment of the contracts. Lockers will then...