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On-Chain Insights: Trending Arbitrum Apps, DEX Trades and Smart Money Movements
Jake Kennis
Key Takeaways
4 min read
  • The Arbitrum Ecosystem saw notable increases in user and transaction activity for Space ID, Lodestar Finance, and Y2K.
  • Smart Money is accumulating stables and looking for yield opportunities in Compound and Aave with either their stables or ETH.

DEX Trades (24h)


  • This Token Millionaire bought $1.5m AGIX and is now holding $4.4m at today's prices. Can see all of the DEX buying on Portfolio’s transactions.
  • The wallet’s second-largest holding is USDT at $2.7m and a distant 3rd is ETH.
  • They started selling AGIX to USDT starting around 2 pm March 20th EST.
  • This Token Millionaire bought over $569k worth of LINK and lent most of it into Aave.


  • This...