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On-Chain Insights: Uniswap V4, BLUR Unlock, LSD Landscape, L2 Bridge Inflows on An Uptrend
Sandra Leow
Key Takeaways
3 min read
  • Uniswap V4 introduces the concept of "Hooks" which are customizable features that can be added to pools, offering users more flexibility and control over fee structures and oracles.
  • The UNI token has experienced a relatively small decrease in price (-4.5%) following the announcement of Uniswap V4, performing better compared to other altcoins in the market. LSD landscape shows a decrease in market share for cbETH, while Lido's stETH remains dominant and Rocket Pool has seen a slight increase in dominance.
  • BLUR will have an upcoming unlock of 6.53% of the total supply, potentially causing sell pressure, with no significant upcoming catalysts to counteract it.
  • L2 tokens are experiencing significant inflows, with Polygon leading in net deposits, followed by Arbitrum, zkSync Era, Optimism, and Polygon zkEVM. zkSync Era has seen increased volume and TVL.

Uniswap V4 and UNI Token

  • Uniswap made an announcement about their v4. Although v2 and v3 launched shortly after their announcement, the strategy for v4 will work differently. In v4, there will be a longer period for collaboration, audit revisions, and deliberation.
  • The flagship feature for v4 is something called “Hooks”. Hooks are essentially plugins that can be attached when users deploy a pool. Hooks are certain “features” that can be built on top of any pools, like fee structures and oracles. Hooks can run at any points of a lifecycle of a pool, with whichever parameters. One example in Uniswap v3 is dynamic fees.
  • Right now, if you deploy a new pool, the pool creator gets to choose between a few fixed fee tiers. There are 4...