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On-Chain Insights: VST Saving Module, Smart Money inflows, Exchange Flows and Smart Money Stablecoin holdings

Key Insights From Today’s On-Chain Behavior

  • Vesta Finance on Arbitrum attracts Inflows into its VST Saving Module
  • Largest token inflow to Smart Money was aSTETH
  • Largest token outflow from Smart Money was HFT
  • Smart Money % of holdings in stables is currently around 26%, down from 39% in November

On-Chain Movements

Vesta Finance on Arbitrum

  • ~$2.4 m of inflows into the Vesta Finance: VST Saving Module
  • VST (Vesta Stable) - is a collateralized USD-pegged stablecoin
  • The Saving Module is a place where users can lock up VST for a period of time to earn interest rate
  • At the moment the estimated APR for locking up VST for 90 days is 10%
  • The fee comes from VST borrowers who pay the [Vesta Reference...