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On-Chain Insights: Wintermute Selling APE, Stablecoin Exchange Flows and More!
Osgur Murphy O Kane

Wintermute Deposits $350k of APE on Exchanges

  • Smart Money APE outflows can be attributed to Wintermute, who sent 50k APE to Kraken and 20k APE to another wallet which immediately deposited on Bitfinex (combined value of approx. $350k). Wintermute still holds $4.5m worth of APE in spot. They may be taking some profits on the positive price action APE has experienced recently on a trivial portion of their holdings. Wintermute has had outflows of ~130k APE tokens over the past 5 days.

Stablecoin Exchange Flows

  • The past 7 days has seen very significant outflows for a number of large exchanges. Coinbase and Huobi are particularly notable,...