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On-Chain Insights: Zyberswap, Thena Fi, BLUR and Trending Tokens

Key Insights from Today’s on-chain behavior

  • Zyberswap on Arbitrum and Thena Fi on BNB Chain has been receiving significant inflows into their stable pools in the past 24H
  • Increase in number of bridgers to zkSync and Immutable X, possibly due to the zk narrative
  • BLUR continues to see momentum following its airdrop, with significant inflows to the Uniswap pools in the past few days
  • Tokens such as GRAIL and RPL have been popular among Nansen subscribers recently, as both tokens moved up significantly in ranks under the Trending Tokens dashboard

Hot Contracts


  • Over $3.2m inflow into the [Zyberswap: 3pool Swap...