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Today On-Chain: Base Protocols, OLAS, and Wintermute
Niklas Polk


Among very volatile market conditions, Base continues to attract capital, being the only chain above $100m TVL with a notable increase in the last 7 days (+14%).

The larger top gainers on Base seem to be established protocols that offer competitive APY on ETH and stables:

  • Stargate: Probably the least lucrative among the top Base gainers, with around 4.5% APY for USDC and 3.6% APY for ETH, it still could increase TVL on Base by 50% in the last 7.
  • Compound: With a stunning 85% increase in TVL in the last 7 days, Compound offers attractive yields for USDbC (Coinbase bridged USDC) as well as ETH and Coinbase Wrapped Staked ETH. Although supplying ETH gives no yield, borrowing USDbC gives a positive yield right now (~...