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Today On-Chain: RLB Buyback & Burn, SAND Unlock, Binance Labs $5M CRV, etc.
Sandra Leow
Key Takeaways
2 min read
  • Rollbit burned 11,074,278 RLB (~1.9M, 0.33% of total circulating supply) today as part of their "Buyback and Burn" program.
  • Binance Labs has announced a strategic $5M investment in CRV and supports Curve deployment to the BNB Chain.
  • Sandbox will unlock 332.55M SAND (~$135M) tokens on 14 August. This is 16.6% of Sandbox’s current marketcap.
  • Milady Maker NFTs makes a comeback, with a whopping 27% in floor price increase over the past 3D.


  • RLB launched as part of the Rollbit Lottery. They airdropped the entire RLB supply for free and no ICO or OTC deals were involved.
  • Rollbit started off on Solana but quickly migrated to Ethereum, which led to a massive surge in price action.
  • Rollbit recently migrated to a “Buy & Burn” concept, which makes RLB a deflationary asset.
  • The “Buy & Burn” takes a portion of their futures, sportsbook, and casino revenues (10% of casino profits, 20% sportsbook profits, and 30% from futures trading).
  • Staked Rollbots are locked for 30 days, and 10% of bought RLB will be distributed hourly to staked Rollbots.
  • Just today itself, Rollbit...