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War Room - 22 January 2024
Jake Kennis


  • Many alts are down 30-40% these past few days. If BTC breaks $40k, could be a lot more downside across the board.
  • Many top-performing assets like SOL/SEI/SUI have seen large drawdowns in the last 5 days - worth paying attention to these alts.
  • Top performers of the week:
    • UMA, RBN, and POKT are the top three performers.
  • It seems like a pause in a larger bull market, where members are starting to allocate spot.
    • Looking to deploy a bit of dry powder here but not all in. Buying spot of a few majors like SOL and TIA. Nothing too specific outside of the majors on their radar.
  • Interested in tokens for AI computing and NFT ticketing. Just wants exposure to the next narrative, which appears to be restaking for the...