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War Room 8 April 2024
Jake Kennis


Sector Flows + Token Paradise

  • Seeing which tokens are just getting started. Some of these are down quite a lot and if you get a high PnL smart money wallet, might be interesting to look into, particularly on beaten-up charts.
  • Some example coins that fall into this: UNITAO, AMMX, ORBK and LOOKS.
    • These coins are low caps and the member mentioned them usually plays a lot with lower caps below $10m with smart money in it.
  • A lot of TA is based on these plays, with shorter duration holding times.


  • ONDO for large caps and a few smaller caps in this area.


  • It is an Infrastructure play that a member likes.
  • Sentiment is down but a lot of market makers are buying it and other notable wallets in...