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War Room: Narrative Trading and Altcoin Discovery
Jake Kennis


  • The target for BTC was 40-42k, but it was also kind of a consensus price target. This was simply a planned level a member was eyeing for BTC.
    • Because it was so expected, maybe this level doesn't hold given the psychology of the market and BTC continues going higher.
  • Buy the dip mentality is quite prevalent, so the likely scenario is we go right through 32k or we continue straight up.
    • The psychology of the market is calling for similar levels on the way up and down - seems very consensus.
  • Lots of positive news has been coming in about the settlements of CEXs such as Binance, Coinbase, and the ETF approval.
  • YoY seasonality analysis for this stage of the rally usually ends on the 10th of December. -...