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An Overview Of Arbitrum's NFT and Gaming Landscape
Key Takeaways
7 min read
  • TreasureDAO is the most dominant NFT and gaming ecosystem on Arbitrum, with over 100,000 unique players engaging with the ecosystem since launch. Treasure is also responsible for over 95% of all gaming and NFT transactions on Arbitrum and has amassed over $267 million in marketplace volume since launch.
  • Smolverse is built on top of Treasure and utilizes MAGIC as the base currency for its metaverse. The project has accrued over 39.2m MAGIC in trading volume across its collections, with Smol Brains, its flagship NFT collection, solidifying its status as a blue-chip on Arbitrum.
  • TridentDAO is a highly anticipated new entrant into the Arbitrum GameFi scene. The project proposes a new risk-to-earn model for their games, attempting to solve existing issues with the current play-to-earn model.


Arbitrum's gaming and NFT ecosystem is dominated by TreasureDAO, primarily due to its first-mover advantage and Arbitrum-native marketplace, Treasure Trove. The surge in the L2 narrative has seen new protocols such as TridentDAO emerge as they compete for market-share from dominant players like TreasureDAO.

The Arbitrum NFT sector activity has been trending upwards since the beginning of the year, along with the entire Arbitrum ecosystem, currently sitting at ~$700k in daily trading volume at the time of writing. However, despite the growth, Treasure Trove has been losing its market share to OpenSea.


Treasure is, by far, the most dominant NFT and gaming ecosystem on Arbitrum, with over 100k...