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Curve Finance and veCRV Tokenomics
Sandra Leow and 1 other


  • Stable coins have become an inherent part of cryptocurrency for a long time but they now come in many different flavors (DAI, TUSD, sUSD, BUSD, USDC and so on) which means there is a much bigger need for crypto users to move from one stable coin to another.
  • Centralised exchanges tend to have high fees which are problematic for those trying to move from a stable coin to another. As a result, Curve.fi has become the best place to exchange stable coins because of its low fees and low slippage.
  • The main purposes of the Curve DAO token (CRV) are to incentivize liquidity providers on the Curve Finance platform as well as to get as many users involved as possible in the governance of the protocol.
  • Currently CRV has three main...