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IMX, the Non-Gamers Gaming Token
Niklas Polk
Key Takeaways
4 min read
  • Crypto gaming is a leading narrative with lots of potential upside, but hard to stay on top of
  • Gaming infrastructure tokens tend to be more low-maintenance and comfortable to hold than specific gaming tokens, and also often outperform in the long run
  • Immutable X is the largest "pure" gaming ecosystem by market capitalization and IMX has outperformed most other gaming ecosystems
  • Immutable X has impressive partnerships with e.g. AWS and Ubisoft, putting it in a good spot long-term, despite large upcoming unlocks
  • Other gaming ecosystem tokens that have a track record of solid price performance in the last year include BEAM and RONIN


The crypto gaming ecosystem is filled with potential. Especially in the current bull market, the sector promises lucrative opportunities for those invested in it. However, navigating this space can overwhelm even the most enthusiastic participants, as it is a vast, ever-changing landscape brimming with new developments every day. The complexity is further compounded by the need to engage directly with the games to fully understand each token's value and potential intricacies. This requirement makes staying on top of every twist and turns a daunting, if not impossible task for anyone not dedicating their full time and attention to it.

Amid this backdrop of excitement and uncertainty, searching for a less volatile asset...