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Juno Network Introduction: the Smart Contract Hub of the Cosmos
Jake Kennis


  • Juno Network is a permissionless smart contract layer 1 chain that is built out on the Cosmos SDK and secured via Tendermint BFT Consensus.

  • Already accounting for more than 10% of IBC activity across Cosmos chains, it aims to be the home of CosmWasm, a unique smart contracting framework that allows for much more rapid app development compared to spinning up an entire blockchain.

  • JunoSwap is the first native DEX on Juno Network. They currently do not have a token but will be doing a retroactive airdrop for LPs with their native token RAW as well as external incentives via JUNO. JunoSwap is well positioned to be the home for many CosmWasm-based (CW-20) tokens to find liquidity.

  • The DAO DAO is a DAO that provides the...