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Mina Protocol: Bringing Access and Privacy to Web3.0 with ZK Tech
Osgur Murphy O Kane


  • Mina Protocol is a layer-1 PoS blockchain that uses advanced cryptography to construct a succinct blockchain.
  • Mina combines Proof of Stake (PoS) Sybil resistance mechanism with recursive zk-SNARKs to create a constant-sized blockchain of about 22kb in size.
  • The reduced size of the blockchain enables participants to interact with the network using inexpensive devices that do not require powerful hardware, such as smartphones. Consequently, this enables greater decentralization due to the simplicity and very low cost of being a node.
  • zkApps are decentralized applications that leverage Mina’s zk-SNARKs to conduct trustless and privacy-preserving blockchain transactions
  • Mina is focusing on three web3 use cases: zkApps...