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NEAR’s USN & TRON’s USDD: New Opportunities or Old Risks?
Niklas Polk

Key Takeaways

  • Despite UST’s depeg, NEAR protocol and TRON protocol are continuing attempts to adopt versions of their own algorithmic stablecoins: USN and USDD respectively.
  • We take a look at the risk and opportunities these new algorithmic stablecoins provide and how to access them.
  • USN has very little information available, very shallow liquidity depth and comparatively low APY - is the 7% APR worth the risk given the fate of other algo stablecoins and the trusted bridge setups and smart contract vulnerabilities?
  • USDD is more transparent (although not as much as other stablecoins) and the APYs and liquidity depth are significantly higher, although certain prejudices regarding Justin Sun and TRON exist within the crypto...