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Quick Review of FPI & FPIS: an Inflation-Resistant Stablecoin
Osgur Murphy O Kane

Key Terms

FPIAn inflation resistant stablecoin (i.e. it tracks the rate of inflation). Initially backed by yield-generating FRAX.
FPISA governance token for FPI. Entitled to seigniorage when underlying yield is greater than inflation. Minted and sold to cover the shortfall when inflation is higher than underlying yield.
FPIS and FPIFPIS is to FPI what FXS is to FRAX, and LUNA is to UST


  • FPI is a stablecoin that aims to track the rate of inflation. In other words, it is inflation resistant and ensures its holders maintain their purchasing power.

  • FPI uses a Consumer Price Index oracle to track inflation. This is updated monthly.

  • FPI seeks...