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Top 25 Wallet Analysis: A closer look at their Hodling, Staking and Farming behaviours
Sandra Leow


  • Ethereum is the most used chain
  • The data shows a growing number of users on the Arbitrum and Optimism ecosystem
  • There was an increase in ETH staking, most likely in preparation for the highly anticipated Ethereum Merge event
  • There was a large proportion of stablecoin holdings
  • The main protocol deposits are centered around blue-chip protocols like Curve, Convex, Frax, Balancer, etc.


This report aims to do a deep-dive into the Top 25 Wallets on DeBank. The goal of the report is to analyze the behavior and activities of the top wallets to find new farms / tokens / protocols. DeBank is currently the only platform with a Web3 Social Ranking feature, hence, we referenced DeBank’s ranking to obtain...