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Vesta Finance: an Interest-Free Lending Platform on Arbitrum
Osgur Murphy O Kane

Vesta Finance Overview

  • Vesta Finance is a lending protocol launching on Arbitrum that offers borrowers interest-free lending with low collateral requirements.

  • Vesta enables borrowing with a minimum collateralization of only 110% compared to typical requirements of 150-180% in DeFi.

  • Users deposit collateral to mint VST (Vesta stable) - a USD-pegged stablecoin. Initial collateral on the platform will be ETH, renBTC and gOHM - however, more collateral types will be added in the future.

  • Vesta v1 is a fork of Liquity, with key differences such as community governance, additional collateral types, and layer-2 focus.

  • Vesta is pre-launch, with no launch date announced (expected early 2022) and no website as of yet.