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Analysis of the top Virtual Real Estate Investors: Millionaires, Top Flippers, Smart Holders, and Owner Distribution Labels

Key Takeaways

  • By analyzing the top flippers in the virtual real estate market, it was possible to determine that the wallet addresses who performed extremely well, did so without putting a significant amount of capital at risk. 13 of the wallets (out of the Smart Virtual Real Estate traders) risked less than 10 ETH while 8 of them spent less than 5 ETH to realize their profits
  • The most profitable virtual land traders are not overtrading and aping into as many projects as possible. Rather, their strategy involves investing in maybe 3 or 4 thought-out projects and taking concentrated positions
  • Overall, the virtual real estate market has been in decline just like the rest of the market. Only 4 projects out of the top 18 (filtered by...