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Metaverse Report #1: Virtual Worlds and Assets

Top 10 Virtual Land Breakdown

  • By looking at the table above, it can be seen that Decentraland is the only virtual world that surpassed cumulative sales of more than $1 bn for its land sales. It is closely followed by Sandbox at around ~$700 mm, while NFT World is a distant third having accumulated sales of around ~$142 mm.
  • Sandbox and NFT Worlds have dominated the sales over the last 30 days, each generating around ~$26m in sales.
  • Metroverse came ahead of Decentraland by taking the third position with sales of ~$15m (around ~4m more than Decentraland) in March.
  • Axie Infinity’s average price per unit over the last thirty days is up 55% vs the previous month, despite the Ronin...