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Metaverse Report #2: Virtual worlds and assets

Nansen Metaverse Index

The Nansen Metaverse index is one of the six Nansen indices that were created in order to track NFT market activity on the Ethereum Blockchain.

The breakdown of the indexes include: the Nansen NFT-500, the Nansen Blue Chip-10, the Nansen Social-100 index, the Nansen Gaming-50 index, the Nansen Art-20 index, and the Nansen Metaverse-20 index.

The Metaverse index tracks various metaverse related assets including ‘Avatars,’ ‘Assets’, ‘Land & Real-estate,’ and ‘Utility’.

Although there may be additional metaverse related NFT categories (e.g AI infused NFTs etc.), their importance may be just emerging at this time, and the evidence is insufficient to substantiate these categories and the ensuing...