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Arbitrum's Edge: Analyzing the L2 Giant in Ethereum's Ecosystem
Sandra Leow

Key Takeaways:


  • Leading on-chain fundamentals; Transactions on Arbitrum are averaging between 600-900k per day versus Ethereums at 1m and Optimism at 300k, Revenue has also been on a steady increase
  • ARB is cheaper than OP of various valuation metrics
  • Catalyst 1: Arbitrum staking proposal and its potential to reduce ARB supply (first redistribution of value to ARB holders aside from governance rights)
  • Catalyst 2: STIP and indirect redistribution to protocol users on Arbitrum
  • Catalyst 3: EIP-4844
  • Catalyst 4: L3 and the development of a larger ecosystem on Arbitrum


  • 87% circulating token supply unlock in March
  • Aside from the staking proposal, currently no mechanism of redistribution...