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Exploring the Landscape of Real World Asset Protocols
Key Takeaways
13 min read
  • The report introduces a Real World Assets (RWA) Price Index, which tracks the performance of 22 RWA governance tokens on Ethereum with leading market capitalization. The index has outperformed ETH and BTC since the beginning of the year, with significant outperformance in January and April.

  • The Top 10 RWA tokens by activity, measured by traces to the respective RWA contract addresses, include 5 debt market protocols, namely Maple Finance, Truefi, Goldfinch, Clearpool, and Centrifuge. The data indicates a growing significance and interest in RWA debt market protocols in the current market compared to other markets such as Real Estate, Carbon Credits and more.

  • The report pinpoints attractive opportunities in RWA debt market protocols that offer an average yield of over 10% APY, and stable yields as high as 15% APY.

  • The report classifies 50 RWA protocols into categories like money markets, real estate markets, and carbon markets, providing summaries for each. Additionally, it identifies RWA protocols without governance tokens and potential airdrops to maximize opportunities for end users.

Real World Assets: Brief Introduction

The concept of tokenizing real-world assets, including real estate, commodities, private equity and credit, bonds, and art, has been gradually gaining traction since 2018. This innovative approach, formerly known as "security tokens" or "tokenized securities," utilizes blockchain technology to bring traditional assets onto the blockchain.

As we enter 2023, there is a noticeable surge in interest in tokenized RWAs, with several key players making significant strides in this space. Goldman Sachs, for instance, has launched its Digital Asset Platform,...