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Narrative Traders 2.0
Sandra Leow and 1 other
Key Takeaways
11 min read
  • The report highlights four narratives that resulted in significant profits for DEX traders: DeFi 1.0/RWAs, Telegram Trading Bots, GambleFi/on-chain gaming, and Meme Tokens.
  • Traders made substantial profits by accumulating MKR and COMP tokens, specifically two notable wallets, Blurr.eth and Fiatfor.eth, as successful accumulators in this narrative.
  • UNIBOT, LAELAPS, and GENIE emerged as the leading Telegram trading bot tokens. UNIBOT emerges as the leader in this section, with early buyers still holding a significant amount at current prices.
  • DMT on Arbitrum was a key player in the GambleFi narrative.
  • BITCOIN (HarryPotterObamaSonic10Inu) was the sole meme token in the report, which experienced a remarkable 446% increase in the last 30 days.


Narratives dominate crypto, and with them, come new opportunities. Despite the sideways price action, DEX traders have paved the way for profitability across many narratives. This report dives into a few narratives that resulted in significant profits for DEX traders, looking at opportunities that yielded a +ROI (both realized and unrealized). By the end of this, readers can expect to find high-signal wallets with high-level trends across them to answer things such as:

  • What tokens are they rotating to next or what are they bullish on?
  • What apps do they like and which chains do they prefer?

The report does not dive into the product market fit of the narratives or rationalize any thesis, instead it simply highlights...