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Polygon zkEVM Update - What The Data Says
Osgur Murphy O Kane
Key Takeaways
5 min read
  • Polygon zkEVM has lagged far behind zkSync and StarkNet in terms of users and TVL. The relative lack of activity can be largely attributed to the lower expectation of an airdrop. However, there have been signs that an airdrop may be on the cards.
  • The data shows that there is a higher proportion of older wallets using the ecosystem than its competitors. Wallets older than 1 year account for 35% of bridgers. Note that competitors have far higher absolute numbers.
  • Some OG DeFi protocols have deployed there, such as Balancer, which is testament to developer confidence in deploying thanks to its closer Ethereum equivalence. Uniswap recently voted to deploy v3 there.


Polygon zkEVM has received far less attention than other emerging L2s, for example zkSync, partly due to the lack of expectation of an airdrop. While there is no confirmation of an airdrop for either protocols, Sandeep (founder) hinted that there will be one for Polygon zkEVM.

Airdrops aside, zkEVM is a novel L2 with a strong team, and hence warrants a deeper look into who is interacting with it and why. This report examines the profile of wallets interacting with Polygon zkEVM and the flow of funds there.


Polygon is building a type-2 zkEVM - where it supports Ethereum’s opcodes. This makes it more closely Ethereum equivalent than zkSync for...