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What are Early zkSync Whales doing On-chain?
Jake Kennis
Key Takeaways
5 min read
  • The top 25 early whale bridgers to zkSync Era have an average of 32% of their total holdings on zkSync. These holdings comprise of spot ETH, USDC and a distant 3rd of MUTE, signaling lots of idle capital sitting on zkSync.
  • Most of their activity is centered around DEXs, particularly LPs across SyncSwap, iZumi Finance, Mute and Velocore. Majority of LPs are in the ETH/USDC pools, meanwhile pool 2s and alts make up a very negligible position, indicating a lack of interest in the zkSync alts at the current time.
  • There are a few derivatives apps launching soon, such as UniDex and Derivio which is in testnet. There have been many rug pulls on zkSync, so always exercise caution before interacting with any protocols.
  • With that being said, there is lots of idle capital waiting to deploy given the large amount of spot holdings sitting in ETH and USDC, so keeping track of new products launching can prove fruitful in the near term if/when there is an alt-season.


zkSync is a general-purpose smart contract validity rollup. You can check out our in-depth report on zkSync to dive deeper into their entire stack. Since then, they went live with their mainnet, zkSync Era at the end of March. Following Arbitrum’s airdrop and the excitement behind the first zkEVM to hit the market, zkSync Era already boasts over $240m TVL at the time of writing across 433,000+ depositors from Ethereum mainnet.

For those interested in viewing an all-inclusive dashboard of zkSync, check out our dashboard here. With all of this...