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ZK-Rollups 101: The Future of Scaling?
Osgur Murphy O Kane

Key Terms

Data AvailabilityData availability is exactly that - how available the data regarding transactions is to users. The data can be readily available on the blockchain (more expensive), or on a third-party data provider (cheaper, less “available”).
Validity ProofsVerifiable cryptographic proofs that attest to the validity of off-chain transactions.
Layer-2 RollupsLayer-2 (L2) refers to blockchain scaling solutions that handle transactions off Ethereum Layer-1 (L1), with settlement and data availability on L1.
Layer-3 RollupsLayer-3 (L3) is to L2 what L2 is to L1.
ZK-RollupsL2 smart contracts that verify transactions using cryptographic proofs computed on L2 and...