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Nansen’s Airdropper Guide: navigating the world of Airdrops with on-chain Data
Jake Kennis and 1 other


  • Nansen created an “Airdrop Pro'' tag for the most profitable airdropper wallets, filtered by the number of airdrops and total USD amount received.

  • The report outlines the methodology behind the new label and highlights some interesting findings based on the data.

  • We cover the top interacted contracts for the ‘Airdrop Pro’ tags and lay out a framework for identifying these opportunities alongside actionable resources


Airdrops are a novel mechanism in crypto that help bootstrap communities behind a product. Of course, these airdrops can be very lucrative with some of the top airdrop recipients receiving well over 7 figures alone. Given the amount of gamed airdrops, these wallets and strategies can be...