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What are Early Bridgers Doing On-Chain?

Key Takeaways

  • Despite all the bridging activity in 2021, 81.4% of all assets among the Early Bridgers segment (wallets scoped out for moving lots of liquidity very early on across 3 or more bridges) are back on Ethereum Mainnet. This can signal that much of the layer-1 narrative has concentrated back to Ethereum, where whales are most comfortable with their assets.
  • Early Bridgers are mainly risk-off as stable-coins make up 75.1% of their portfolio holdings. USDC is the top stable-coin representing 60.52% followed by USDT at 10.90% and lastly DAI at 3.66%.
  • 72.3% of funds among Early Bridgers are simply sitting in their wallets and not being deployed in any protocols to earn yield. This may indicate that early bridgers may be...